The next containers have arrived to Germany!

Besides the containers with ginger which were imported to Germany by betterECO earlier this year, several more containers with dried hibiscus flowers have been also delivered to the port of Hamburg this month.

Dried hibiscus flowers are used in the production of hibiscus tea. The tea is caffeine free, red in color and tastes like berries.

It is believed to bring many positives to the human health by reducing the blood pressure and the cholesterol level as well as the blood sugar levels. It also helps in darkening hair color and slows aging and contains anti-aging properties.

The extract from hibiscus flowers is one of the key raw materials in the global confectioneries industry. This makes it the ideal economy booster for Nigeria because whereas hibiscus can be found almost everywhere in Nigeria, states such as Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Gombe, Bauchi and Borno cultivate it in large quantities.