Agriculture consulting services

The right standard is the key to your market entry and economic success!

The demand for healthy and sustainably produced organic food is continuously increasing in Europe as well as in the USA. As a result, these markets are proving to be extremely interesting for suppliers from "EU third countries". To facilitate access to these markets, betterECO offers a holistic service that includes conversion to organic farming on the one hand and training for the various standards on the other. In this way, we increase the market entry chances of the suppliers, who at the same time find the right buyers by means of our matching service.

We advise our suppliers in the following areas, among others:
Crop cultivation, mechanisation, processing, storage and export preparation, quality improvement and quality management ("QM").
Furthermore, we support our suppliers in achieving and implementing all important organic, environmental, hygiene and fair trade standards. This helps to preserve the nature. In addition, we arrange for the relevant international inspection body to certify the standards required by the buyer.


  • Agriculture advice on plant production and modernization including mechanisation

  • Conversion from conventional to organic Agriculture up to Demeter

  • Technical advice on other quality standards. See standards

  • Improvements in processing and storage

  • Trade and match the produce to respective buyers: Market access for organic agricultural products

  • Establishing agroforestry and recycling systems to protect the environment and be efficient

For Whom?

  • Government projects

  • Cooperatives

  • Women's groups

  • Individual projects

  • Processors / Exporters


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