Better   Ecology   makes   better   Economy

betterECO is a profit-oriented B2B service company that secures organic agricultural raw materials for international companies and at the same time opens up new markets for the export of sustainable technologies to developing and emerging countries with this unique approach.

betterECO GmbH develops, organizes and promotes sustainable projects in the fields of

  • Agriculture (conversion from conventional to organic farming)
  • Food (processing and Export)
  • Mechanization of agriculture
  • Renewable energy and water-treatment systems
  • Workplace and vocational training
  • Medical care
  • Environmental protection and conservation

and organizes their financing.

All companies from these sectors are our customers and we welcome them as well as cooperatives, associations and Investors!

We also offer companies such as energy and water companies to exploit a wide range of market potential through our business model, because we create creditworthiness in developing countries.

The focus of the projects is in developing and emerging countries.