BetterECO develop and install the local value-added chains, and as a consequence create work and training places. betterECO special customer relationships strengthen the economic power of the local population in a sustainable and predictable manner. Local infrastructures can now be mainly self-financed.

The goal is to help people to help themselves, creating prospects for the future in their Homeland.

In order to achieve these goals, we offer you -inter alia- these Services:

  • Government advisory: development and promotion of agro-business
  • Government advisory:
    • establishment and restoration of creditworthiness of rural areas
    • international financing of large infrastructure projects without increase of indebtedness
  • Financing of comprehensive projects, large & small scale (incl. Project Financing, subsidies, equity capital)
  • Referrals for and to investors
  • Referrals for organic raw materials from the projects
  • Strategic business consulting
  • Project development, if wanted with international project partners
  • Project Planning and installation of infrastructure, such as energy, water treatment, cooling and drying systems always in a manner of renewable and sustainability…

betterECO’s concepts are targeted where people most urgently need them, and the organization works with experienced companies and partners on ground in line with local requirements. The local population is the most important part as owner and therefore active participants. A own economic cycle is created with the local population, which improves their living conditions and promotes rural structural development (reduction of rural depopulation). The whole program is framed by cost-effective and “bankable” concepts that finance themselves after an initial start-up financing phase.

 betterECO is your point of contact for

  • Entrepreneurs and companies who want to align themselves with sustainable principles
  • Farmers and Group of farmers who want to make the difference in developing countries
  • Government organizations and institutions / ministries / embassies
  • Investors who promote sustainable international projects
  • Associations and cooperatives as well as smallholder groups
  • Conservation and environmental protection organizations / NGOs

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