Comprehensive concept “AgroPlus” * *:

  • Formation of a cooperation between betterECO, local partners, cooperatives and companies for project realization or boosting existing cooperatives.
  • Project activities are pooled and coordinated under the name and the protected logo of “betterECO”.

This approach generates significant advantages both in the provision of financing and in the marketing as well as sales of the products (export). This creates the boost and win-win situation for the project, the participants of the project,  the local market and local environment.

**) An NDA is required before further information can be supplied.

Part of the services can be booked separately*, such as …

  • 1). Government consulting
    • a). Development of the agricultural sector, creation of national standards,
    • b). Development of the financial sector
    • c). Promotion, development of the SME sector; SME financing
  • 2). Project finance: making Project “bankable” & financeapplication,
  • 3). funding and financing via debt & equity solutions;
  • 4). risk mitigation, capital Investments Promotion and support for international sale and sales alliances of organic products;
  • 5). Marketing and market penetration of organic products.
  • 6). Delivering sustainable and adapted technologies for rural areas inter alia agricultural technology, energy supply solution (sun, wind, water, biogas etc.) and waste disposal technology.

*Single Consulting is depending on availability, as comprehensive concepts are prioritized; Charged on the basis of fixed daily remuneration; Special agreements possible.