Agricultural & Technology Consulting

Agricultural   Consulting   and   Environmental   Protection

    • Consultation on the conversion from conventional to asustainable organic farming taking into  account the ecological and social conditions of the respective Country
    • Building and optimizing value chains
    • Improvement of workflows and personnel management
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Training of smallholder groups to implement an ICS (ICS = Internal Control System)
    • Advice on improving product quality in the processing of organic products in accordance with EG 834/2007 and 889/2008 (as well as standards NOP, JAS, Naturland and DEMETER)
    • Referrals for customers of organic products and organic raw materials from the fields of nutrition / textiles / cosmetics
    • Evaluation of new projects with regard to their resources or the production of organic raw materials or products for export
    • Training and workshops on the various organic standards (EU, NOP, JAS, Naturland, DEMETER, FairTSA, GOTS)
    • Workshops for compost production (biodynamic, terra preta)
    • Water management (irrigation and water treatment)
    • Recultivation of degraded soils and reforestation Projects
  • Renaturation of rivers and lakes

Technology   Consulting

  • Consulting on the subject of adapted agricultural technology
  • Training for maintenance and repair of machines
  • Planning and training of value chains (tractors and attachment)
  • Well drilling and drinking water treatment
  • Planning of efficient irrigation systems
  • Planning and implementation of drying and cooling system
  • Planning and installing of silo bearings and bearing technology
  • Planning and construction of processing and packaging plants, export logistics
  • Planning and implementation of wastewater solutions and waste recycling Systems

All available on large and small scale including financing package

We organize, finance and manage the implementation of technologies by and with or in our comprehensive AgroPlus Concept in team Approach.