CV/References: Dr Obermaier

CV/References: Dr. nat. techn. Julius F. Obermaier

Agriculture Partner&Consultant

  • has worked as a development aid worker and project manager in North and Central Africa for twelve years and has been a consultant for organic farming and biodynamic agriculture, including Demeter, for well-known companies and projects since 1976. It operates in more than 50 countries worldwide – from China in the east to Argentina in the west and Poland in the north to Zimbabwe in the south.
  • His consulting projects included the Salamita Soc Coop project (Italy); Epikouros Organic Ltd, Kalamata, (Greece); Real Food GmbH, Degache & Ratnagiri, (India).
  • Currently, our expert, Mr. Obermaier, who himself has been constantly active successfully for many years, among others in projects in Romania, Tunisia, Africa and Greece.