Are you looking for new sources of supply, special raw material qualities or specialties?

Our holistic approach enables us to arrange tailor-made products and match these supplies with interested B2B-buyers around the world.

We search, arrange and develop the supply sources according to your requirements. We do this with the cooperatives which are interested in and are qualified for this opportunity. In doing so, we fulfil the respective specifications and standards such as organic, sustainability, fair trade and hygiene standards.

The best holistic approach is proven by the matching process: with which the suppliers meet the expectations of the buyers and the buyers receive the products in the respective quality they asked for. Hence, we match exclusive high-quality agricultural raw materials and products such as nuts, dried fruits, spices and herbs directly from our projects and partner cooperatives to you as a large buyer and processor. We can help you minimize trade risks, risk of recall and other risks such as the contamination of goods with aflatoxins or salmonella by continuously monitoring and improving the processing procedures of our suppliers and project partners . Our block-chain-based traceability system proves the origin of the goods in a forgery-proof manner. The real farm-to-fork. Read more


  • Direct match (sale) to business partners

  • Fair prices

  • Exclusive sources of supply

  • Forgery-proof traceability

  • High quality standards

  • International trade

For Whom?

For companies in the following fields:

  • Food

  • Cosmetics

  • Phytopharmaceutical industries


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