Scouting & Sourcing

Are you looking for a product or would you be interested in a new source of supply? We will find it.

betterECO scouts (“searches for”) exclusive products and projects for you which satisfy your particular quality expectations.

We advise and develop projects for the direct delivery of agricultural raw materials according to your specifications. We ensure that the processing is optimized in line with requested standards. Thus, we secure these supply sources for your long term needs and boost sustainable resource-saving agriculture with social responsibility. A win-win for suppliers and you as a buyer.

In future, our traceability along the entire value chain will support your management in meeting your targets, avoid trade risks and thus help you comply with the German Supply Chain Act in planning.

To achieve specifications, our service includes a conversion service with a variety of standards such as GlobalGAP, HACCP, EU-Bio, NOP, FairTrade, up to DEMETER.


  • Exclusive sources of supply

  • Exclusive produce

  • Fair prices

  • Forgery-proof traceability

  • High quality standards

  • Cost efficient

For Whom?

For companies in the following fields:

  • Food

  • Cosmetics

  • Phytopharmaceutical industries


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