Tracing solutions (coming soon)

The betterECO blockchain and smart contracts based tracing solution delivers a fraud-proof traceability log of events from the cooperative's field plot to the final processor or supermarket in Germany. Our unique and secure traceability system ensures tracing for products with several ingredients from different countries of origin.

Farm to fork

Tailored to your needs

betterECO will offer two different tracing solutions for you.

  1. Full Membership: Here you get everything in one. Buy your products via our trading platform and benefit from the included traceability of all products.

  2. Partial Membership: Special tracing for traders
    With betterECO, you can also register on our platform and use our tracing technology to trace your own traded produce. Depending on your data, betterECO can provide counter-feit proof traceability of your goods along the entire supply chain up to the field plot of the respective small farmer. This also applies repackaged goods and mixed products with ingredients that come from different suppliers or regions.

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